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Easy washing | No brushes needed

Why G.O. One Straws?

The damage caused by disposable tableware and straw is detrimental to our environment. In order to maintain and nurture a sustainable living environment, we must take the first step and reuse rather than dispose. It’s time to put our words into action.

Our patented "One Straws" are recyclable and reusable. At Green One, we integrate creativity and environmental protection, breaking the limits of other reusable straws. Our straws can be opened for cleaning, solving the difficult-to-clean problem of traditional straws. We hope to encourage more stakeholders to raise awareness for eco-friendly products. Take the first step to reduce waste and become a part of the green movement.

G.O. Straw

Safe is everything.

Safety design

Food grade material


Handles hot and cold

Dishwasher safe

US FDA-approved

G.O. Straw

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We welcome enquiry of large volume purchase for corporate purchase.

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